Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crochet Whore Maybe?

Progress Report: I literally just finished crocheting over the elastic thread I'm putting into my snood, meaning that minus fitting, which hopefully will go over swimmingly, I'm totally done with that. I'm also making progress by leaps and bounds in my dad's cross stitch project, so yay all around.

I just got back from a party a little while ago and I'm a little tipsy still but was determined to finish my snood so I did. Part of the reason I don't try to fit it now is that it's late and my roommate is sleeping, and part is because I'm still a little wonky and kind of want to go to bed. @.@

But I realized tonight that partially because of recent financial situations, I've been whoring out my crocheting talents. It started when a friend from Joann's agreed to pay me to make her a crocheted TARDIS (something I've done twice so I'm pretty skilled at it by now). Then another friend said he'd pay me to make him a pair of Cthulhu, one for him and one for his girlfriend. Again, I've made two so far so I'm pretty confident. Then yesterday I posted to my ex a crocheted Umbreon pattern from WolfDreamer's blog (see sidebar; I totally recommend her site!) and a friend commented that he'd pay me for a Snorlax plushie and I DOVE at the opportunity. I couldn't find a pattern but how hard can a Snorlax really be? I'm just going to make the pattern up.

The point is, I've been doing a lot of commission work and it makes me want to get my Etsy store back up and running so I can sell some more. I need the cash, heehee. Anyway I hope I can do all of this because A) I love making things for people, and B) money is nice.