Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break and Such

Yeah so, new record of not posting. Heh.

I haven't been posting because, sadly, I haven't been crafting! Well, a little, but I haven't finished anything in a while, heehee. But now the semester is over and Christmas break has begun, which means I have time to get my projects done! I have lots of Christmas presents and other projects to do over the next few weeks, and I intend to craft my butt off, which means lots of updates here! (I hope!)

I'm presently finishing off a Cthulhu plushie I'm making for my bro's coworker, which will be the first of my break projects, even though I have a handful that I've started and not finished yet, heehee. BUT FINISH I WILL! I'm determined to get out of crafter's debt, heehee.


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