Sunday, October 23, 2011

Knitting Video Project: Weeks 5, 6, and 7

Boy am I behind with these videos! But at the same time, I've been making lots of progress with my knitting! This video will be a triple feature where I cover Week 5 (dedicated to practicing my knits and purls), Week 6 (dedicated to increasing), and Week 7 (dedicated to decreasing, or knitting two together). This week, Week 8, I will be learning how to change colors, but that video will come later. Enjoy for now!

Oh, also time for some comments from myself.
A) I hadn't realized this right away (not until Week 4, actually), but my videos seem to depict me as left-handed, which I am not. I use a Mac and the built-in camera swaps your image, which I knew but forgot while recording. This really doesn't mean anything to anyone most likely, but I feel the need to specify.
B) I want to give a shoutout to Emma and her blog, Snip and Stitch, which can also be found on my Blogs I Like list. She's a wonderful friend and a wonderful crafter, and I'm very pleased with all the help she's been giving me, so I'm doing a little ad-plug for her. GO LOOK AT HER AWESOME-NESS! :D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Knitting Video Project: Week 4

This week, I brag about how (comparatively) awesome I've become at the knit stitch, and show you what may or may not be a purl stitch, and the subsequent stockinette stitch! Shazam!

Thursday, September 22, 2011



So, a bit of an apology. The Week 1 video didn't get posted due to some technical difficulties (i.e. I was being silly and not understanding file conversion), and then I got horribly sick and missed Week 2. So here I am at Week 3! I've made some awesome progress (failing at everything to casting on like a boss to making a knit stitch like a...person who has a very basic grasp of knitting!) and I'm finally posting the videos!

Week 1

Week 2/3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wow, has it really been so long?

Damn, haven't posted since December?! Time flies! I didn't do terribly more crafting last spring semester, and my computer was out of commission for most of the summer, despite me crafting like a fiend. But, I'm going to start picking up here again. I'm sort of starting fresh in a way, not deleting what I have or anything but also not going back and trying to remember everything I did and did not finish, because I'm totally lazy like that. I intend to treat the blog the same, talking about what I'm working on and what I've finished and the like, I'm just not bothering to go back and explain what I've done.

The main reason I want to start up again is because I do like to write about my crafting, but the other is actually for a class. Part of one of my classes is that I need to pick a skill and work on improving it over the next 10 weeks, uploading videos and stuff. I immediately thought of knitting, my white whale of the crafting world. I don't really want to post the videos on YouTube or anything, but then I remembered: WAIT I HAVE MY CRAFT BLOG AND THIS IS RELEVANT TO CRAFTING! So I will be uploading the videos here. Woo!

Anyway, that's about it for now. My first video is due so that'll be up in a little while (*cough when I'm done recording it cough*), and I'll be posting a video a week after that, and hopefully more non-video posts too, as I try to get back into the habit of craftblogging.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break and Such

Yeah so, new record of not posting. Heh.

I haven't been posting because, sadly, I haven't been crafting! Well, a little, but I haven't finished anything in a while, heehee. But now the semester is over and Christmas break has begun, which means I have time to get my projects done! I have lots of Christmas presents and other projects to do over the next few weeks, and I intend to craft my butt off, which means lots of updates here! (I hope!)

I'm presently finishing off a Cthulhu plushie I'm making for my bro's coworker, which will be the first of my break projects, even though I have a handful that I've started and not finished yet, heehee. BUT FINISH I WILL! I'm determined to get out of crafter's debt, heehee.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Craft Swap (that was over a week ago)

Yeah I kept forgetting that I had to follow up on my craft swap, so I'm going to do it now! It was a lot of fun. Nothing was actually swapped outside of the blaster gun and the scarf between Rhiannon and myself, but it was still really fun. We all partook of our crafts and watched the British Dorian Gray movie from 2009. It was...interesting. I'm a HUGE Oscar Wilde fan and I love the novel, but the movie tried to turn it into some kind of thriller. I enjoyed it, but probably not for the right reasons, and I think I was the only one who did, heehee.

But yes, craft swap = huge success.

As for what I'm working on, I'm making a cross stitch Blastoise (from Pokemon) for one of my friends from camp as a commission. I really need to get my ass in gear with these commissions because I'm flat broke and because I want to make them, so there are a lot of factors pushing me towards finishing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Knitter's Underground

So yeah. Knitter's Underground. Very awesome. =)

Today was one of Penn State's football games, and Rhiannon had gone swimming so we left later than we thought we would and therefore got stuck in traffic for about half an hour. Once that broke up, it was smooth sailing up to the barn at the end of a long gravel driveway, which turned out to be the place we were searching for. I LOVED it! I've never seen so much yarn in my life! And it was all fantastic quality; none of the typical name brands to be seen! After much browsing, I ended up getting a skein of super soft lavender, green, and blue yarn that I was thinking I'd make another octopus out of (since I often just make octopi out of yarn that I like and need an excuse to use), and several skeins of sock yarn, which was on sale. Denise told me she'd teach me to knit socks, something I've failed at multiple times. I blame the fact that I'm a hands-on learner and no one has just sat me down, needles in hand, and shown me. Denise said she would sometime, so I grabbed some of the proper sized needles and look forward to that day, because I really want to learn to knit socks. ^-^ Also hats, but let's take this one step at a time.

Anyway, for my sock yarn, I got this cool brown with white speckles kind. I got three of the 50 g skeins, since it's one per sock. I'm going to use the last one to make a sort of ascot mini scarf thinger, because I think having it match would be really cute. I also got this dark greenish tealish with goldish brown, but they only had one skein, so I'm going to make another ascot mini scarf thing out of that, too. Overall it was a very successful day! I'm glad I got to go, and I look forward to going again (with more money) sometime and bringing more of the crew.