Sunday, October 23, 2011

Knitting Video Project: Weeks 5, 6, and 7

Boy am I behind with these videos! But at the same time, I've been making lots of progress with my knitting! This video will be a triple feature where I cover Week 5 (dedicated to practicing my knits and purls), Week 6 (dedicated to increasing), and Week 7 (dedicated to decreasing, or knitting two together). This week, Week 8, I will be learning how to change colors, but that video will come later. Enjoy for now!

Oh, also time for some comments from myself.
A) I hadn't realized this right away (not until Week 4, actually), but my videos seem to depict me as left-handed, which I am not. I use a Mac and the built-in camera swaps your image, which I knew but forgot while recording. This really doesn't mean anything to anyone most likely, but I feel the need to specify.
B) I want to give a shoutout to Emma and her blog, Snip and Stitch, which can also be found on my Blogs I Like list. She's a wonderful friend and a wonderful crafter, and I'm very pleased with all the help she's been giving me, so I'm doing a little ad-plug for her. GO LOOK AT HER AWESOME-NESS! :D


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